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Holiday Favorites 馃崅馃崄馃崈

Holiday Favorites 馃崅馃崄馃崈

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45+ hour burn time

Phthalate Free + Natural Fragrance聽

Lead free + Zinc Free Wick cotton wick

OR Natural Wooden Wick (made in USA)

Beeswax + Coconut Wax Blend聽


Benefits of burning beeswax in your home:聽

It Purifies the air - When burned, beeswax candles produce negative ions which bind with air pollutants (positive ions) and drop to the floor, removing them from the air and leaving it cleaner!

Benefits of burning coconut wax:

Candles made from coconut wax burn the cleanest compared to other types of wax. It produces less soot so you don鈥檛 have to worry about keeping your surfaces clean. This is said to be true as long as you keep your candle wicks trimmed to the appropriate length of 1/4鈥 before each burn.聽

You can also enjoy your candles longer because coconut wax burns slower than other wax and it can blend perfectly with other natural, harder waxes.

If you鈥檙e all about saving the planet, coconut wax candles are the perfect fit for you because they are the most eco-friendly type of candle to produce. They are non-toxic and burn cleaner because as mentioned previously, coconut wax emits no smoke and is soot-free.

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