Candle Care Tips

How can you practice candle safety? Whether you burn every day or just occasionally, here’s how to “candle” with care:
  1. Trim the wick. Before lighting a candle, trim the wick to be approximately ¼ inch. This will keep the flame from becoming too large, which can ultimately help prevent a home fire. DO NOT LEAVE WICK CLIPPINGS INSIDE OF THE CANDLE JAR, DISPOSE OF THEM PROPERLY. WICK CLIPPINGS OR DEBRI INSIDE OF THE CANDLE CAN ACT AS SECONDARY WICKS AND CAUSE A FIRE INSIDE OF THE JAR.
  2. To light it, use a long match or long lighter.
  3. Then, dispose of the match properly. Even if there’s no flame, there’s still heat.
  4. Keep the candle in your sight. When there’s a lit candle in the room, you should be there, too. After all, keeping it close by is just one of the ways to keep damage from happening. For example, let’s say you lit a candle in the kitchen and then wandered away. If your candle accidentally caught something on fire, you might not know until it’s too late. 
  5. Pick a safe place to burn the candle that is  free of debris and out of the reach of children and pets. 40% of candle fires start when flammable items are too close to the candle. – National Fire Protection Association
  6. Don’t burn for more than four hours.When your candle is burning, carbon collects on the wick. Letting it go for too long can cause the wick to become unstable and the flame to get too large.
  7. Extinguish appropriately. Suffocate the flame, and prevent hot wax splatters in the process. By using a “snuffer” or simply putting the lid on a lit candle, the flames will effortlessly (and safely) die down.